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The Trailcasters: NBA Trail Blazers Podcast

Dec 18, 2017

Ep. 0016: The Blazers are consistently inconsistent... again! Abdiqalis Mohamud (AQ) of the Long Range Podcast yaps with the Trailcasters about why the Blazers are better on the road than at home, Moe Harkless getting DNP-CDs, Dame's development as a player and a leader, Olshey Vs. Stotts, and a ton more! Keith and Brandon also blather about the Blazers' new "plaid" jerseys (the leaked images aren't great), plus the Blazers' upcoming schedule, and answer listener questions to give away a Blazers basketball card!

Hosted by Keith Feltner-Smith (@Blazer24Seven) and Brandon Goldner (@GoldnerPDX), who appreciate all of you.

Intro/Outro beats by Odar:

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